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108 Successful Magazine Projects

Winning Magazine Designer: SAI DESIGNS

The (Private) News Sharing Report

This is a professional and academic report of 35 pages for journalists and teachers. The topic of the report is News Sharing: journalism, social ne...

Winning Magazine Designer: SAI DESIGNS
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Private magazines Media magazines News magazines Professional magazines
  • Number of designers 12 designers
  • Number of designs 45 designs
  • Budget €260
Winning Magazine Designer: technotecdesign

Yachting Magazine - Global Internet Case

Develop a half-page ad in a Yachting magazine for global WiFi satellite Internet satellite hotspot case we manufacture. Looking for designs that ma...

Winning Magazine Designer: technotecdesign
  • Number of designers 14 designers
  • Number of designs 26 designs
  • Budget US$270
Winning Magazine Designer: hema dhawan

Magazine Template for a Sporting Event

We have a fairly unique requirement in that we do not have content for you, but are looking for a magazine template that will work for a sporting eve…

Winning Magazine Designer: hema dhawan
  • Number of designers 2 designers
  • Number of designs 5 designs
  • Budget A$250
Winning Magazine Designer: yadavsushil

political advertisement for magazine

9.135 in 12.125 in. My wife is running for Judge. She needs an ad for an African-American Magazine ASAP . The ad is about a testimonial by one of ...

Winning Magazine Designer: yadavsushil
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Amazing magazines Awesome magazines Creative magazines Unique magazines
  • Number of designers 23 designers
  • Number of designs 71 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Magazine Designer: angelcolmenares3

Magazine Ad for the Waste Industry

We need a full page ad design that will help us introduce our new engine cooling system into the Waste market. This system helps regulate engine t...

Winning Magazine Designer: angelcolmenares3
  • Number of designers 36 designers
  • Number of designs 117 designs
  • Budget US$300
Winning Magazine Designer: hih7

Full Page Magazine Ad (Tool & Die / Manufacturing / Aerospace)

Need help composing a full-page magazine ad following the specs bellow. 1. Specs for Ad (See AD Sepcs.jpg) 2. Use same wording as (AD Example ...

Winning Magazine Designer: hih7
  • Number of designers 8 designers
  • Number of designs 22 designs
  • Budget C$150
Winning Magazine Designer: banedsgn

Political Magazine & Corresponding Magazine Logo

I need a design for a monthly e-magazine that focuses on politics, public policy, as well as social, environmental, and economic justice. I would l...

Winning Magazine Designer: banedsgn
  • Number of designers 6 designers
  • Number of designs 21 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Magazine Designer: CreativeTrends

Alpine Glass Comercial Project portfolio

We need a 12 page magazine made to showcase our business, our values, our commercial projects we have done in the past. We want to incorporate ou...

Winning Magazine Designer: CreativeTrends
  • Number of designers 1 designers
  • Number of designs 3 designs
  • Budget C$150
Winning Magazine Designer: Venkat

National Dance Competition Needs a Program Cover Design

We need a program cover design for our 2017 season programs. Program size is standard 8.5" x 11", full color. The only required elements to include...

Winning Magazine Designer: Venkat
  • Number of designers 16 designers
  • Number of designs 39 designs
  • Budget US$270
Winning Magazine Designer: shakar

Golfersskin Sunscreen- PGA Magazine September issue

We need a 1/2 page creative for our Sunscreen company, Golfersskin Sunscreen. We are the #1 Sunscreen in Golf, trademarked. We have just introduced...

Winning Magazine Designer: shakar
  • Number of designers 2 designers
  • Number of designs 11 designs
  • Budget US$260

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