HI-TEC Footwear Icon Set Design

N/A - Different for each icon needed a icon design and received 36 Footwear icon designs from 10 designers







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This is what N/A - Different for each icon was looking for in their icon design

HI-TEC is an international footwear brand that requires broad set of unique icons to represent a mixture of technologies (like "Dri-Tec") and special features of their shoes (like "Stretch Fit"). This Open Brief project involves designing the first three (3) icons that willform part of a broader set of thirty-two (32) icons. The three icons required in response to this brief are: XcM, Stretch Fit, and Winter Traction. Please see the attached brief for more information ...

Phase 2

The next phase, should HI-TEC choose to continue with the project, isto design a further 29 icons for approximately £1000. Designers whose work is selected in Phase 1 may be used exclusively for Phase 2 of the project or HI-TEC may run further open brief(s) to get the next 29 designs.

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